Creative Swedish for users from 13 years.

The Skylark  is a Swedish multimediaprogramme for
users from 13 years, up to grammar school, i.e. also for
adult teaching/learning.

It displays a wealth of imaginative learning materials for the
user who aim to improve or update his/her language skills.

The Skylark  is inspired by the theories of Professor
Howard Gardner, Chicago, which enlightens the individuals
unique spectra of intelligences and ways of learning.

Please observe!

The Skylark  is in many aspects adapted to users with
reading- and writingdisabilities.


The Skylark9 contains following main sections:

  • The Diagnoses, which points the user into
    The Exercise/learning section.

  • The Exercise/learning section, where the user 
    improves his/her language skills.

  • Grammar, which always explains the linguistic 
    and grammatic background to the exercises.

  • Teachers files, where the teacher/parent or user can
    update and renew certain exercises.



        The Skylark  consists of one CD which performes:

  • textmaterials (some 25 authors and poets contribute
    with stories and poems)
  • soundfiles (auditive learning materials)
  • videopresentations
  • illustrations (5-600 scanned aquarelles and oilpaintings)
  • photographs
  • animated parts
  • music and lyrics

Humour, phantasy and poetry.
Many exercises are humorous and full of poetry and rhyme.

In "The Readingcorner", 26 wellknown authors and poets
contribute with specially selected textmaterials from their 

In "The Writingcorner - Saddle Pegasus", several famous 
artists such as Peter Dahl and Lillan Michelin contribute with 
paintings. The writing exercises are linked directly to relevant
internetaddresses, where the user can find suitable research 

The Skylark  i so extensive, that it may well be used over a 
long period of time. In fact, it can be your permanent guide and 
companion throughout your daily and future studies!

System Requirements

  • Operative system Windows 95 or 98
  • Pentium Processor and 32 mb minimum memory
  • 100 mb available harddesk space, svga graphic (800x600)
  • Soundblaster, microphone (headphones) microsoft mouse or
    compatible device
  • Printer adapted to Windows
  • Internet connection


For further information, please feel welcome 
to contact us on:

E-mail: petra.kjellner@swipnet.se
Phone: ++46 512 204 16